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Profitable Soccer Prediction Site

Welcome To provide exclusive secure and profitable soccer tips, offering high strike rates and guaranteed profits on every match day from the major football leagues all over the world. By becoming our member, you will be in a position to use these professional and confidential information which is uniquely secure and profitable for soccer betting. These tips are guaranteed to provide you with exclusive and reliable information related to the on-going soccer matches. will help you to turn your soccer betting hobby into a sure investment and achieve stable consistent profits from soccer betting.

Total Goals Predictions for Tomorrow

18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM

Cobresal vs Universidad de Chile

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Profitable Soccer Tips guarantee every single tips credits purchased to be winners, and nothing but winners! Should the results of any tips ended in draw or lose, the tips credits will not be deducted from your account. Your tips credits are only deducted for each winning tips you received from us. We call this - 100% Memberships Guarantee Satisfaction.

Latest Performance

Past Records

Date Match Events Picks Score Results
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM Cobresal vs Universidad de Chile BUY TODAY TIP
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM Reading vs Blackburn Rovers Reading (+1/4) 3-0
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM Exeter City vs Wycombe Wanderers Exeter City (-1/4) 3-1
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM Haecken vs Mjaellby Haecken (-1) 1-0
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur (+1/4) 2-2
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM Bromley vs Altrincham Bromley (-1/2) 0-0
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM TSV Buchbach vs SV Heimstetten TSV Buchbach (-1/4) 2-0
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM FC Zuerich vs Linfield FC Zuerich (-1 3/4) 3-0
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM UiTM vs FAM-MSN UiTM (-3/4) 4-1
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM Independiente del Valle vs Deportivo Tachira Deportivo Tachira (+1 1/4) 4-1
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM Start vs Bryne Start (-1) 6-0
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM PFC Sochi vs Nizhny Novgorod PFC Sochi (-3/4) 2-1
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM Hammarby TFF vs Vasalunds IF Vasalunds IF (-1/2) 0-2
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM Birmingham City vs Huddersfield Town Birmingham City (-1/4) 2-1
18 - 08 / 20:30:00 PM Sassuolo vs Vis Pesaro Sassuolo (-1 3/4) 4-1
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